Review: Firespiral Slings Seaspray Cyano Tentacular Spectacular

Firespiral Slings are releasing a series of wraps woven on a split warp; one side is called Sunset and is a vertical grad from lilac to pink to raspberry and the other is called Cyano, a vertical grad from electric blue to turquoise to sea green. Several wraps were planned on this split warp and I have previously reviewed two of these in this blog; Night’s Watch Cyano Charters Moss and Dryad Sunset Seafoam. This last couple of weeks I have had Seaspray Cyano Tentacular Spectacular visiting for review.

Seaspray is an Elements wrap which is a tighter weave than Alchemy and will require a little more breaking in. It didn’t come to me in loom state, having first visited Wild Cuddles who had given it a good wearing in, and was fairly soft when it arrived but seemed to soften further during our use. It is a medium weight wrap around 260-270 gsm compromising of 74% cotton, 20% hemp and 6% merino. Because of the low wool content this is an easy care wrap that requires no special washing and can be tumble dried, which is always a bonus!

The Tentacular Spectacular design is very pretty, I think better in person, and it reminds me of bubbles or the suckers on an octopus tentacle. One of the nice things about this design is there is no right or wrong way to wear it, and with a graduated warp colour it means you can wear your favourite colour at the top without affecting the design.

I really love the Cyano colours and paired with the ecru Seaspray weft it made a really fresh, bright wrap with beautiful shine that will be lovely in spring and summer. I expect the Sunset version to be equally bright and beautiful.

I really liked the wrapping qualities of Seaspray, although I hadn’t been sure I would as it is Elements and I really love Alchemy. It doesn’t have the cush or cloudlike softness that you often find with Firespiral wraps, however it also wasn’t diggy but comfortable on the shoulders. I didn’t find it had a lot of stretch but it was still able to produce a really tight wrap job that felt very solid. With the pattern and texture of the wrap I expected it to be very grippy, and whilst it does have plenty of that and is able to hold tight in a half knot, it also had a surprising amount of glide to it – double hammock passes moved smoothly over one another. Seaspray is strong enough for toddlers but soft and mouldable enough for little babies too; a great all rounder!

Seaspray Cyano Tentacular Spectacular will be released later this year via the Firespiral Slings website, date to be confirmed. Find them on Facebook for more information about upcoming releases and special length pre-orders.


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