Review: Firespiral Night’s Watch Slings Cyano Charters Moss

Firespiral Slings are starting 2019 by releasing a series of wraps woven on a split warp; one side is called Sunset and is a vertical grad from lilac to pink to raspberry and the other is called Cyano. The Cyano warp is a reincarnation of the popular jewel toned striped Cyano warp we saw released a few years ago and this time it appears as a vertical grad from electric blue to turquoise to sea green. You can read more about this split warp here including some interesting behind the scenes production photos and information.

The Cyano warp is probably my favourite so I have really enjoyed seeing it rewoven as a beautiful grad and I have had the pleasure of hosting the Charters Moss tester recently. Charters Moss is also one of my favourite designs, so woven in Cyano this wrap was always going to be popular with me! You can read more about the inspiration behind the Charters Moss design here, I really appreciate the name and design links to where the wraps were made but my favourite element is the Northern Lights dancing in the sky.

The weft, Night’s Watch, is a dark navy somewhere between Obsidian, Twilight, Octarine and Midnight. It’s made of alternating navy blue viscose and black cotton-cashmere threads giving a final blend composition of 86% cotton, 10% viscose and 4% cashmere. This is an easy care wrap that can be machine washed and tumble dried… win!

I expected it to be soft, given the blend composition, and I knew it was fairly thin (although medium weight) however I was pleasantly surprised by how cushy and marshmallowy it felt when it arrived. It was also, as I expected, very soft and would be perfect for wrapping Tiny E. My tester came washed and tumble dried and comparing notes with a friend (@wrapasaurus on Instagram) who hasn’t tumble dried her tester it sounds like it adds to the fluffy feel is the wrap.

The wrap is mouldable with some stretch, the passes glide into place and then hold there to give a really supportive carry. It works really well with a newborn because of how snugly it moulds to their curves and because the bunched passes are not too bulky around little legs… Plus the softness!

Little E wanted to go up and this wrap also worked really well with her; because of the wrapping qualities I’ve already mentioned I was able to get a good double hammock with tight chest pass. It was supportive with her 15kg, easy on the shoulders and she was comfortable.

This really is an ideal newborn wrap, but the good news is it also works well with an almost 3 year old. Although I opted for a multilayered carry with Little E, and it was good in this, I would also happily carry in single layers. This is fabulous in base size but would also make a lovely midlength or short wrap (with the added bonus of doubling up as a beautiful, soft shawl!) and I am torn about which size I would like this in!

The release date for this beautiful wrap is still to be confirmed, but you can follow Firespiral Slings on Facebook and see their website for more information on their upcoming releases, they also have an Instagram account (@firespiral). In addition to a general website release for sizes 3-7 Firespiral also offer the opportunity to preorder shorter or longer wraps, custom lengths, babywearing bags and ring slings, and this will be announced on Facebook and their website.

Edit: Both the Cyano and Sunset Night’s Watch Charters Moss wraps will be released on the 23rd if March.

Author: allwrappedupaib

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